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Up to 200 yuan to be fined for wrongly classified and disposed of garbage in GZ
Update: 2018-06-22     Source: lifeofguangzhou.com

Individuals and organizations misclassifying and improperly disposing of household garbage will be fined strictly as of July 1, according to the new Guangzhou Household Garbage Classification Management Regulation.
The new regulation highlights residents' role in garbage sorting. It stipulates that residents who produce household garbage should classify it, dispose of it properly, and then put the garbage into collection containers with corresponding marks or to designated collection areas. For example, kitchen waste should be drained before disposal. Lamps, mercury products, and other fragile or hazardous wastes containing liquids should be disposed of only after taking measures to prevent damage or leakage.

Individuals failing to classify household garbage according to the regulation will be fined not more than 200 yuan.

Organizations that improperly treat household garbage will be fined between 5,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan.

Restaurants, bazaars and supermarkets that fail to fulfill new requirements for separation of residue and water, oil and water, and keeping items tightly closed will face a fine of 5,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan.
Social supervisors
The city will implement a supervision system of social supervisors to prevent residents from trying to avoid the regulation by disposing of their garbage via unofficial channels. Social supervisors will be publicly employed by the urban management department of Guangzhou. They will include resident representatives, the NPC deputies, the CPPCC members, representatives of third-party organizations, and so on.

Different types of training for residents and organizations on how to classify and dispose of household garbage are being carried out in the city.
Four classifications of household garbage
Guangzhou residents must sort garbage into four kinds: recyclables, kitchen garbage, hazardous garbage, and other garbage.
Recyclables are items that are suitable for recycling, such as cardboard, metals and glass, etc..
Kitchen garbage refers to organic perishable wastes such as food, used edible oils and fats, and discarded vegetables and fruits. For example, tea dregs, flowers and herbs are classified as kitchen garbage.
Hazardous garbage covers substances that can cause direct or potential harm to human health or the natural environment. For example, cell phone batteries and other rechargeable batteries are hazardous garbage.
Other garbage includes all garbage other than the first three items. For example, items like contaminated paper, plastic bags, cigarette butts, and disposable zinc-manganese alkaline dry batteries fall into this category.

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