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More convenient! Yang Cheng Tong has 6 new functions
Update: 2018-07-27     Source: newsgd.com

Recently, Yang Cheng Tong, the rechargeable transportation card in Guangzhou, launched six new services. Let’s check it out!

1. Old for new

The old Yang Cheng Tong card can be upgraded to a new "DIY technology card", which supports double-sided customized patterns, NFC recharge (recharge with mobile phone APP) and loss reporting services.

Users can enjoy the old for new service at the customer service center. Those who need to activate the loss reporting service shall bring their personal ID cards and mobile phones with Guangdong phone number.

Customer service centers:

Hanxi Changlong: Exit C of Hanxi Changlong Station, Line 3.

Baiyun Culture Square: Exit C of Baiyun Culture Square, Line2

The Zoo: Exit C of The Zoo, Line 5

Donghua Dong: No.37 of Donghua Dong Road

Huadi Wan: Exit A, D of Huadi Wan, Line 1

2. Scan the code on your mobile phone to travel in Guangdong

Method 1: Transfer the balance from the physical card to the electronic card, then the physical card will be invalid.

Method 2: After deducting 10 RMB fee from the balance of the physical card, the remaining fee will be transferred to the electronic card. The physical card will keep the record of travels in the current month and is still available and rechargeable.

You can take bus and metro by swiping the electronic card without connecting to the internet. Moreover, users can top-up the card on their phones and enjoy a 40% discount after taking bus or subway for 15 times in the natural month.

(Supporting cellphones: Huawei P20, Huawei P10, Huawei Mate RS, Huawei Mate 10, Huawei Mate 9, Huawei nova 2s, Honour 10, Honour V10, Honour 9 (excluding Youth version), Honour V9, Honour 8 (excluding Youth version) and Honour V8)

3. To top-up on the "bee box"

You can top-up your Yang Cheng Tong on the “bee box” through APPs like Jingdong, WeChat or Alipay.

4. To travel as much as you like

There are three types of Travel Cards: 24-hour card (36 RMB), 48-hour card (56 RMB), and 72-hour card (76 RMB). One person one card.

Within the valid period since the first time you use the card, you can take the Guangzhou Metro (including Guangfo Line, Tram, APM Line), bus (including BRT, excluding intercity buses) and water bus (ferries). No recharge and no refund.

5. To trace the track

With the card number, you can trace the transaction records and the transplantation within 7 days(excluding the last 24 hours).

You can find your card number(a 8-10 digits number) on the middle and lower part on your card.

6. For daily use

Currently, Yang Cheng Tong is available for payment in food markets that cooperates with the transportation departments.

Any overdue fine due to the delay of returning books from the Guangzhou Library can be paid by Yang Cheng Tong.

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