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Guangzhou Land Resources and Urban Planning Committee
Source: english.gz.gov.cn

Address: No. 193 Haoxian Road, Guangzhou
PC 510030
Tel: 83336546
Website: http://www.gzlpc.gov.cn/

Main responsibilities of Guangzhou Municipal Land Resources and Housing Administrative Bureau:

1. Implementing guidelines, policies, laws and regulations issued by the central, provincial and municipal governments concerning land, mineral resources, surveying and mapping, and housing administration, drafting and carrying out relevant local rules and regulations, and taking responsibility for the affairs relating to administrative reconsiderations and litigations.

2. Drawing up and implementing municipal land planning and the overall planning for land utilization, conducting preliminary examinations on the overall planning for land utilization of districts and county-level cities; drawing up and implementing plans and programs on land protection, utilization, development, consolidation and reclamation; carrying out basic protection and administration on farmland and cropland, and carrying out land use control.

3. Organizing and carrying out the campaign of efficient use of land resources and the establishment, improvement and supervision and management of a tangible land market, and supervising and managing the work on land evaluation; organizing and implementing annual public transfer plans for state-owned construction land use right; drawing up land pricing policies and standards; carrying out the collection, appropriation, transfer, and retrieve of land use right, calculating and collecting transfer fees for state-owned construction land use right; taking responsibility for the examination on various kinds of construction land before submitting applications to the State Council, the Provincial and Municipal Governments for approval and the corresponding implementation after such approval; taking charge of the preliminary examinations of construction land, examining and giving approval to temporary use of land, and issuing the Ratification for Construction Land.

4. Drawing up management procedure and technical standard for cadastral management; carrying out investigations on land resources and cadastre, land statistics and dynamic monitoring; taking charge of land and housing ownership registrations, and the supervision and management on issuing relevant certificates; supervising and managing houses directly under the control of the Land and Housing Administrative Bureau which includes the takeover, factoring and cancellation of such management; and investigating and settling disputes of land ownership.

5. Supervising and examining the observance and implementation of laws and regulations concerning the management of land resources; investigating and filing prosecution against conducts which violate laws or regulations concerning land, mineral resources, and the surveying and mapping; and taking responsibility for the dynamic inspection of land resources.

6. Monitoring the real estate market, drawing up and carrying out relevant policies on the regulation and control of real estate market; taking responsibility for the transfer, lease and mortgage of state- or collectively- owned construction land use rights; supervising and managing the market of sale, lease, evaluation, intermediary services and the surveying and mapping of real estate; taking charge of the presale license and after-sale supervision of commodity houses.

7. Drawing up and implementing relevant regulations and plans concerning housing safety management; supervising and managing the industry for housing safety assessment and termite prevention and control; and taking charge of housing safety supervision and management including housing safety assessment and renovation, the transformation of dangerous and dilapidated houses, termite prevention and control, and emergence rescue.

8. Supervising and regulating the property management of the city; guiding the establishment of owners' assembly and committee within a specific area of property management; and guiding and monitoring the turning-in and utilization of the earmarked housing maintenance funds of the municipality.

9. Supervising and managing urban housing demolition, organizing the formulation and implementation of annual, medium- and long-term plans for urban housing demolition; formulating minimum compensation standard for urban housing demolition, and taking charge of the licensing for urban housing demolition and the qualification of demolishing units; taking charge of the supervision on demolition compensation and relocation funds; and settling housing demolition disputes and managing administrative compulsory demolitions.

10. Drawing up and implementing plans for the exploration, exploitation and utilization of mineral resources; taking charge of the establishment, improvement and supervision and management on the market of mineral rights; supervising and managing the exploitation, utilization, protection and environmental restoration of mineral resources; and taking charge of the management on the reserve volume of mineral resources and the rights of exploration and exploitation of mineral resources.

11. Taking charge of the supervision on geological investigation, the prevention of geological disaster, and the protection on geological heritage; conducting, supervising and managing surveys on geological environment; and taking charge of land subsidence supervision and prevention, and monitoring the exploitation of mineral water, underground water and geothermal resources.

12. Taking charge of the unified supervision and management of the surveying and mapping of the city, drawing up and implementing working plans and programs, and formulating technical standard for the surveying and mapping; supervising and managing the industry and market of surveying and mapping; organizing and carrying out work on basic surveying and mapping, cadastral and real estate surveying and mapping, and the construction of a basic geological information system; and examining the results of real estate surveying and mapping which are used in ownership registration.

13. Taking charge of the exchange on technology and information, the publicity and foreign affairs in terms of land, minerals, the surveying and mapping, and housing management.

14. Taking responsibility for the dual management on the leading officials in Land and Housing Administrative Bureaus of county-level cities and sub-bureaus in districts.

15. Handling other affairs assigned by the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, and other competent authorities at higher levels.

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