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Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality
Source: english.gz.gov.cn

Address: No.1 Fuqian Lu, Guangzhou
PC 510032
Tel: 83125410
Website: http://www.gzfao.gov.cn/
E-mail: waiban@gz.gov.cn

Main responsibilities of the Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality:

1. Implementing the policies, principles, laws and regulations by the Central Government concerning foreign affairs, and executing the instructions and decisions in this regard by the CPC Guangzhou Committee and the Municipal Government. Formulating rules and regulations on municipal foreign affairs; drawing up annual plans to expand international exchanges, and taking effective measures to carry them out.

2. Managing and coordinating the work and activities concerning the municipal foreign affairs; conducting researches into foreign-related activities, so as to provide the CPC Guangzhou Committee and Municipal Government with the latest information for policy-making. Taking advantage of the channel of international exchanges to render meritorious service to the municipal social and economic development.

3. Administering all the visits paid by municipal officers on official duty to foreign countries, and to the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau; reporting the scheduled visits to the higher authorities for approval; helping obtain passports and visas for officers traveling abroad on official duty, and assisting them in getting travel permits when visiting Hong Kong and Macau; Handling visa notices to invited foreign visitors.

4. Receiving the State and the Party guests, and other important visitors; receiving foreign diplomatic personnel coming to attend public events in Guangzhou; arranging for municipal officials to attend foreign-related occasions; taking charge of the protocols of the important foreign-related events in the city.

5. Being responsible for contacting Guangzhou's sister cities and managing non-governmental exchanges with foreign countries. Guiding Guangzhou Residents' Friendship Association to promoting international exchanges.

6. Implementing the Central Government's policies and principles towards the affairs of Hong Kong and Macau; coordinating and organizing main municipal events pertaining to Hong Kong and Macau; handling Hong Kong- and Macau-related affairs in a coordinative manner; reporting to the higher authorities for approving Guangzhou's official and semi-official exchanges with Hong Kong and Macau.

7. Receiving foreign journalists coming to report on Guangzhou, and resident correspondents of foreign permanent news agencies in Guangzhou; managing and coordinating the municipal departments' exchanges with the consulates in Guangzhou, and with the official and semi-official foreign organizations in the city.

8. Taking charge of conferring upon foreign nationals such titles as "Honorary Resident of Guangzhou"; handling foreign-related law cases and the administration work concerning foreigners in Guangzhou, or assisting the related departments in handling the issues.

9. Examining and submitting to the higher authorities for approving the international conferences scheduled to be held by the municipal government; coordinating and organizing such conferences, and managing the protocol work.

10. Guiding the foreign affairs offices of the districts and county-level cities, and those of the departments directly under the municipal government to promote international exchanges and organizing training programs for foreign affairs officers. Keeping informed of the activities of the individuals and groups traveling on official duty in foreign countries and the special administrative regions, and keeping a watchful eye on the activities of the foreign visitors invited to the city. Strictly executing disciplines concerning foreign affairs.

11. Cooperatively assisting the Municipal Publicity Department in enhancing the image of Guangzhou. Following the instructions of the Central Government and the higher authorities, supplying the municipal departments with the latest information concerning international situations, foreign policies and major world events. Assisting in scrutinizing the city's important foreign-related dispatches.

12. Undertaking other tasks entrusted by the municipal government and the higher foreign affairs authorities.

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