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Statistics Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality
Source: english.gz.gov.cn

Address: No. 1 Fuqian Road, Guangzhou
PC 510030
Tel: 83126316
Website: www.gzstats.gov.cn
Email: gzstjj@gz.gov.cn

Main responsibilities of the Statistics Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality:

1. Implementing guidelines and polices, laws and regulations formulated by the central, provincial and municipal governments concerning statistic work, drafting relevant local regulations and rules, drawing up and implementing statistic plans for the modernization drive and statistic investigation plans; guiding and coordinating the statistic work of the municipality and ensuring the authenticity, accuracy and promptness of statistic data; supervising the implementation of relevant statistic laws and regulations and systems, and investigating and prosecuting illegal statistic behaviors in accordance with law.

2. Drawing up a local system of statistic report, implementing a national economy accounting system and organizing input-output surveys, calculating the GDP of districts and county-level cities, compiling and providing national economic accounting data, and monitoring the national economic accounting work of each district and county-level cities.

3. Cooperating with relevant departments in drawing up plans and programs of general surveys on the major situation and strength of the city, organizing and implementing general surveys on the major situation of the city in the areas of population, economy and agriculture, and summarizing, classifying and providing statistic data of relevant overall situations and strength.

4. Organizing and implementing statistic surveys on farming, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing, manufacturing industry, construction and real estate industry, wholesale and retail business, and hotels and the catering industry; collecting, summarizing, classifying and providing statistic data relevant to the surveys, classifying and providing basic statistic data on geological exploration, tourism, foreign economic relations and trade, transportation, postal services, education, health, social security, and public services and facilities.

5. Organizing statistic surveys on energy, investment, technology, population, work force and general situation of social development, and collecting, summarizing, classifying and providing statistic data relevant to the surveys.

6. Organizing statistic surveys on the economic, social, technological and resource environment of each department, district, and county-level cities of the municipality, and promoting the establishment and improvement of the statistic information release system which periodically publishes statistical bulletin of the development of national economy and social development.

7. Carrying out statistical analysis, forecast and supervision on the national economy and social development, and providing statistic information, consultation and suggestions to the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and relevant departments.

8. Examining and giving approval to departmental statistical surveys, directing the basic work of professional statistic processing and the infrastructure of primary statistic business, establishing and improving systems for the quality examination of statistic data and for the supervision and assessments of such data, carrying out examination, supervision and assessment on important statistic data.

9. Managing and cooperating with the persons in charge of statistic departments in each district and county-level city, organizing work on statistical education, statistic training for cadres, statistic scientific research and international exchange and communications, cooperating with relevant departments in organizing and managing qualifying examinations, the appraisal and hiring, and the qualifications accreditation for statistical professionals, cooperating with relevant departments in supervising and managing the statistic funds and special infrastructure investment received from finance bureaus of the state, the province and the municipality by the institutions and statistic departments of the district and county-level city governments.

10. Organizing, establishing and managing the system of information automation and statistic data, establishing and managing the macro economy database, directing the implementation of the basic operating principles and rules of the statistic database and network of districts, county-level cities and departments, and guiding the construction of a statistical information system.

11. Undertaking other tasks assigned by the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government and statistics authorities at higher levels.

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