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Guangzhou's renewal projects refurbish local roads
Update: 2017-09-13     Source: lifeofguangzhou.com
A new round of the renewal projects to improve the quality of Guangzhou's main roads, at a cost of 600 million yuan, was recently launched. Previous renewal projects have renovated 11 main roads in 11 districts so far. With the ones now under way, citizens can expect big changes on roads across the city in the months ahead.  
New designs, technologies and concepts have been applied in the quality renewal projects. So, what are the changes we can see?
1. Micro renovation of road corners to enhance safety for pedestrians

Some people joke that zebra crossings on roads seem like starting lines since they have to cross the roads within 20 seconds before the traffic lights turn red, which is especially true for the elderly and children. Now the problem will be resolved with the area around road corners broadened to force drivers to make turns at lower speed and shorten the length of the zebra crossings as well. Pedestrians can thus cross the roads more safely and quickly.
2. Smart lamp posts to illuminate roads only when necessary

Smart lamp posts already installed on Kaitai Dadao in Huangpu district have well demonstrated the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. These lamp posts won't light up until people approach, and when people leave, the lights will go out automatically.
3. Multifunctional posts to save space of roads

Traffic signs, no-parking signs, speed-restriction boards...Previously, these signs were installed on separate posts, which took up a lot of space on the roads and even the pavements. One extreme case is that a road of 20 meters is equipped with 10 posts! Can you imagine that? After the reconstruction, varied signs with different functions will be embedded on just one single post, nice and neat. Pedestrians will no longer have to make a detour around disorderly posts.   
4. Artistic manhole covers to decorate city

Jagged manhole covers are like scars on the roads of Guangzhou, imposing potential safety hazards to passers-by. The transformed manhole covers, with fascinating graffiti and paintings on them, have added new color to the city. More than 130 of such distinctive manhole covers have been installed in Huangpu district already.

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