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Best places for climbing high on Chongyang Festival
Update: 2017-10-27     Source: lifeofguangzhou.com
The Chongyang Festival is arriving. Celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, it is also known as the Double Ninth Festival. This year, however, the festival is being delayed until October 28. It's a day to show respect and love to the elderly. Climbing high, kite flying and tomb sweeping are common practices for Chongyang in Guangzhou. In other regions of China, people mark the festival with traditions like drinking chrysanthemum tea and chrysanthemum wine, eating cakes and wearing cornel (dogwood) twigs.

Climbing high, as the most important festival activity, is traditionally seen as a way to expel bad luck and disasters. Of course, hiking is also a good exercise and who doesn't like a good view from the heights? Here we recommend some mountains and towers in the city for seeking auspicious fortune.

Baiyun Mountain 

Baiyun Mountain is the most popular mountain for the festival. Called the “No. 1 Mountain of South China,” it is made up of more than 30 hills and covers an area of 21.8 square kilometers.

Tourists can enjoy a panoramic view of Guangzhou, the central business district landmarks and the Pearl River from the top of the mountain.

Tourists can also buy a colorful pinwheel like many locals do, for expeling bad luck.

Ticket: 5 yuan/adult, free for adults over 65
Address: Guangyuan Zhonglu, Baiyun district

Canton Tower

The city's landmark Canton Tower is a trendy choice for climbing high. Boasting a height of 600 meters, it hovers above the city skyline. A tourist hall at the top is the highest point in Guangzhou, and you may feel as if the sky and clouds are at your fingertips. The 360-degree panoramic glass windows may thrill you with their breathtaking views.

If you want to keep watching the spectacular landscape longer, you can savor the delicacies at the fine restaurants on the tower’s 105th and 106th floors, where it rules as the world’s tallest revolving restaurant.

Tickets: 150 yuan/adult, 75 yuan/child or adult over 60

Address: 222 Yuejiang Xilu, Haizhu district

Maofeng Mountain Forest Park

Located in the northeast of Guangzhou, Maofeng Moutain boasts the highest peak in the city, rising 535 meters above sea level. The varied topography, steep cliffs and deep valleys bring challenges as well as intriguing views to lovers of hiking.

With abundant rainfall and a temperate climate, the mountain is home to a variety of uncommon plants and wildlife, such as spinulose tree fern, pangolin and boa.

Foodies can check out the renowned Taihe barbecued chicken and Maofeng tofu pudding there.

Ticket: 8 yuan/adult
Address: The junction of Taihe town and Liangtian town, Baiyun district

Lotus Mountain 

Lotus Mountain, in eastern Panyu, is actually a series of hills, the tallest one being more than 100 meters high. Once used as a quarry, the mountain is not known so much for its hiking as for its unique scenery. The ancient quarry of Lotus Mountain has witnessed 2,200 years of old Panyu and left majestic landscapes, including the Lotus Stone, Lion Stone and Swallow Crag. The Lotus Pagoda, built in the Ming Dynasty, and the giant golden bodhisattva are also worth a visit.

Ticket: 54 yuan/adult; free for adults over 65
Address: 18 Ximen Lu, Shilou town, Panyu district

Yuexiu Mountain

Yuexiu Park, an oasis hidden in the city center, covers nearly 690,000 square meters and is made up of seven hills and three man-made lakes. Yuexui Mountain’s vast cultural heritage and immortal folk stories distinguish it from other mountains.

On the top of the mountain stands the landmark Five-Ram Statue, which brings Guangzhou its nickname — the City of Rams.

Zhenhai Tower is also a must-visit attraction. Shaped like a rhino horn, the tower, built in the Ming Dynasty, currently houses a huge collection of ancient and modern folk-history books.

Ticket: Free of admission
Address: 988 Jiefang Beilu, Yuexiu distrcit

As flocks of citizens and tourists go mountain climbing on Chongyang Festival, the government will open specific mountain parks and scenic spots to the public, while others will be closed. Following is a full list of 18 climbing spots that are open to visitors on Chongyang Festival.

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