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Highlights of Guangzhou's comprehensive urban plan unveiled
Update: 2017-11-07     Source: lifeofguangzhou.com
The Guangzhou Land Resources and Planning Commission published a comprehensive urban plan on October 30, an integral segment of the city's overall urban plan through 2035. The final outcome of the new round of urban design has been approved by experts. The goal is for Guangzhou to strive to build a vibrant global city for the future.

Following are six of the plan's highlights.

1. Connecting landscapes alongside the Pearl River

The project will make citizens have more and improved space to appreciate the city's primary waterway.

Connecting the landscaping along roads bordering the Pearl River, the project will link the river's west channel and front channel with the north bank of the Huangpu Bridge, a length of 60 kilometers, to improve public accessibility along the riverside. Fourteen major public spaces along the waterfront, each with a different theme, will be created to form a dynamic ring.

2. Upgrading areas around public squares

Areas around the city's three major public squares: Huacheng Square will be upgraded, known as the city's living room, Guangzhou Heroes Square and Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral Square.
The rendering of the Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral Square

Renovation and landscaping work will include the upgrading of plant greenery, lighting, road paving, landscape sketches, street furniture, barrier-free facilities and signage systems.

Construction work will also be carried out to improve the environment of areas around Changdi, Butterfield & Swire's Godowns & Wharf, Baiyun Culture Square, Ersha Island, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Liedefang, Canton Tower Square, and Pazhou International Exhibition Center.

3. Stringing country parks into a landscaped ring

If you head out for a walk on the weekend, you will find more greenways and 16 suburban parks will be connected into a ring.
Liuxihe National Forest Park

The network of existing greenways will be upgraded. 35 top-level courier stations will be added to provide increased recreational and leisure facilities.

Construction will take place on the connecting points of 16 country parks: White Sea Wetland Park, Baiyun Lake Park, Nanpu Park, Liuxihe National Forest Park, Daxiangang Forest Park, Pingshan River Wetland Park, Dafushan Forest Park, Dishuiyan Forest Park, Hat Peak Mountain Forest Park, Tianluhu Forest Park, Longtou Mountain Forest Park, Dahaosha, Hualong Wetland Park, Lotus Mountain, Seagull Island, and Shawan Waterway Park. These parks, each with an area of more than 20 hectares, will be connected to form a 180-kilometer-long, 1-kilometer-wide landscaped ring.

Steps will be taken to make all these areas more accessible and useful to citizens. The layout of parking lots will be altered, public transport stations will be expanded, and improvements will be made on municipal green roads, mountain roads and other slow-paced systems and convenient connections.

4. Controlling seven landscape visual corridors

Seven first-level landscape visual corridors will be created in the central area of the city. The new central axis landscape visual corridors include Haizhu Lake Park-Zhujing New Town; Baiyun Mountain-Zhujing New Town; Ring Expressway's Cangtou Interchange-Zhujing New Town; and Huangpu Bridge-Second CBD Landscape Corridor (pre-control). The traditional central axis landscape visual corridors include Yuexiu Mountain-Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall; Yuexiu Mountain-Baiyun Mountain; the Square of Sun Yat-sen University's North Entry-Baiyun Mountain.

In the future, people will be able to better appreciate at the mountains and rivers in the city.

5. Building a 10-kilometer ring road to feature ancient sites

In the future, people will more easily be able to experience many of the city’s historical and cultural sites and enjoy their distinctive features along a continuous path.

The plan is to build a 10-kilometer ring road alongside the Ming Dynasty wall relics in Yuexiu Park, Renmin Lu, Yide Lu, Wanfu Lu, and Yuexiu Lu, seven historical and cultural walking routes, the landscape road along Baiyun Mountain and the developed Jiangxin Island, and a linear park based on an abandoned railway track for providing recreational public space.

6. Constructing a 100-km scenic highway

Guangzhou residents will be able to drive a 100-kilometer coastal highway in the future.

Highway 1 will give people a chance to take in the landscape of the Pearl River and the sea. The road will connect the city’s second central business district (Guangzhou International Financial Center-Huangpu Port Economic Zone) and Nansha New District.

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