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These changes from August might affect your life!
Update: 2018-07-31     Source: Newsgd.com

Starting from August, there are some important changes on customs declaration and inspection. Also new policies on phone bills, vehicle restrictions, tourism spot, WeChat Pay and etc. are going to take effect. Roll down to check more details.

1. Non-local vehicles restriction to take effect

From August 1st, the maximum consecutive driving time of non-Guangzhou vehicle in the designated area shall not exceed 4 days, and the interval for re-entering the city shall be no more than 4 days.

Police will impose a fine of 200 yuan and 3 penalty points to a driver’s license for the violation.

More details →Rule to restrict non-local vehicle to take effect on Aug. in GZ

2. WeChat Pay is going to charge for credit card repayment.

From August 1st, only platinum and gold members can enjoy a fee waiver for credit card payment. People who use WeChat Pay’s investment plan for an amount of over 500CNY every month can also avoid the additional 0.1% fee. Other than these users, everyone else using WeChat Pay to repay their credit card debts will be charged for 0.1% fee (1 cent minimum).

3. Phone bills to inform explicitly

Have you ever found yourself in a spot of bother when your cellphone subscribes to certain services without your awareness or confirmation? Well, your bother will soon come to an end in August. From then on, under the instruction of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), users will receive from operators a text message delivering cellphone bills so that users are clearly informed of how their expense are covered.

Except for unidentified charging, the crank call is another issue to be resolved. According to MIIT, they plan to carry out a series of targeted operations including management reinforcement and strict control to ensure a better accessibility to communication resources.

4. Customs declaration and inspection to simplify

Starting from August 1st, nothing else but a Customs Entry Form is needed for enterprises to finish declaration and inspection for their imports and exports. In this way, the cost of customs clearance will be driven down.

Had it not been for this new change, the procedures would have remained time-consuming. Simplification is made as 229 declaration objects are streamlined to 105, 74 attached documents to 10 and 102 supervise certificates to 64.

5. Online reservation before entertaining on Dameisha Beach Park

The park, a popular holiday spot in eastern Shenzhen, was orderly thanks to the online reservation rule that limits the number of visitors and staggers the hours they can enter the park.

The Dameisha Beach Park, a popular spot in eastern Shenzhen, will not be accessible to a minibus (less than 9 passengers and inclusive) unless online reservation is successfully made on each weekend and National Day Holiday since August 11st.

A 300 yuan fine and a deduction of 3 penalty points will be imposed to whoever enters the area without a reservation. 40,000 quotas for reservation will be allocated to Meisha district and Dapeng district respectively, among which individual quotas accounting for 30,000 and the rest goes to vendors.

However, minibuses(10 passengers and above), taxis, vans, police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, engineering rescue vehicles and transit vehicles heading for highway are not subject to the reservation.

It takes only a few steps for citizens to reserve through online channels including ShenzhenTrafficPoliceWeChat subscription, the official website of Shenzhen Traffic Police and My Shenzhen application. Messages will be sent once the reservation is confirmed.


The reservation for a certain number of quotas will be available two weeks before the appointed period of time. Reaffirmation is required if vehicles leave the area and return the next day.

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