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"Premiere in Guangzhou" underway at Guangzhou Opera House
Update: 2018-12-18     Source: newsgd.com

As part of the"Premiere in Guangzhou" - Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, "One Night In Guangzhou", organized by the information office of the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality, was held in the Experimental Theatre of Guangzhou Opera House on the evening of December 11th. "One Night In GuangZhou" has been held annually for more than ten years now. Each time, it brings different experiences and surprises to the guests who come to Guangzhou to participate in the documentary festival. "Premiere in Guangzhou" is a star-studded affair, with the feature length documentary ‘Mountain’ making its World/Asia premiere. Films Pty Ltd Jo-anne McGowan attended the premiere in person, and talked face to face with audience members and listened to their opinions about the documentary, meeting with rapturous applause.

"Premiere in Guangzhou" is a new starting point. The promotion of this cultural brand aims at relying on the platform gathering function of China (Guangzhou) International Documentary Film Festival to play a greater role in spreading Chinese stories, inheriting civilization, connecting China and foreign countries, and communicating with the world. It strives to make Guangzhou a by-word for culture .

This year, Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival received 4,524 entries from 122 countries and regions, even including award-wining films from the Berlin International Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival and Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. For the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, Golden Kapok Screening select from all the submissions to choose for first screening films, predominantly from China and Asia, but even a few from other parts of the globe.

More than 60 films are on show this year, including The Eyes of Orson Wells, Ice King, More Human Than Human, Equator 360 - The Line Of Life (VR), AMERICA, China love,and so on. There are 18 films that premiere in Asian ,and 6 films premiere in China, such as The Deminer, Chef Flynn, An Engineered Dream and so on.

Profound History: Film and TV culture of Guangzhou plays a prominent role in Chinese movie history

Honored as one of the National Famous Historical and Cultural Cities by State Council, Guangzhou is coastal city which thanks to its coastal location is where western and eastern cultures have long interacted and integrated, resulting in its unique "Lingnan Culture", out of this the film and TV culture of Guangzhou has blazed a trail across China.

Since the 1980s, film and TV companies from Guangzhou, especially as represented by companies from Zhujiang, have enjoyed fame and repute across the whole country. In 1956, Pearl River Film Studio was established, and later was reestablished as the Zhujiang Film Group in 2008. Through years of development, Zhujiang Film Group has become one of the largest comprehensive movie enterprises in Southern China in terms of development history, scale and strength. Pearl River Film Studio is one of the six state-owned movie studios established in New China. Over the past 60 years, more than 1000 films have been filmed, and more than 260 domestic and foreign awards have been won, such as the Huabiao Award and the Golden Rooster Award, thus establishing the important position of the Pearl shadow in Chinese film circles.

Guangzhou is a city in which talent has been fostered generation after generation. The profound heritage and resources available to Guangzhou’s film and TV industry will continue to contribute to the further development of "Premiere in Guangzhou".

A world-class city: ‘Premiere in Guangzhou’ assisting with culture export

Guangzhou has been a hub on the Maritime Silk Road for thousands of years. The frequency of foreign exchange has brought about the integration and promotion of overseas commerce and culture, as wells as the export of domestic culture. The image of the world-class city is not only the overall perception and evaluation of a city by the international community, but also the comprehensive reflection of the city’s historical and cultural background and the level of economic and social development on display. A festival is a most effective window onto this kind of development.

The Cannes Film Festival, for example, is the premiere destination for all filmmakers and attracts the world media every year. As the world's largest film market and distribution center, Cannes has become an both an advertisement and even an economic locomotive for the city and France. With the strong influence and appeal of the Cannes brand, directors at home and abroad have used the Cannes premiere as their first stop for their films.

From Cannes to Berlin, from Venice to Busan, from Amsterdam to the Yamagata-ken, these city-named film festivals not only become an exhibition of culture, but also an important economic resource, attracting generation after generation of directors to hold the premiere of the film at the festival. Because in these screenings directors, actors are in close contact with the audience, they also brings in reporters from across the globe, effectively enhancing the city's international image. Now, with ‘Premiere in Guangzhou’, film can quickly and effectively spread Chinese stories all over the world.

In the future, with the cultural brand "Premiere in Guangzhou" gaining continuous momentum, the sponsor will embrace a more inclusive attitude when choosing and introduce excellent film from a diverse range of genres to the public rather than just being limited to a certain category or theme of documentaries.

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