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Guangzhou to build 11 new tram lines over the next five years
Update: 2019-04-15     Source: newsgd.com

You might already know the Tram Line running between the Canton Tower and Wanshengwei in Haizhu District. It has been hailed as ‘the most beautiful tram line’ in China. What you may not know is that the city is going to build another 11 tram lines over the next five years.

[Photo: Xiao Xiong]

According to the 13th Five-Year Plan for Guangzhou, 11 new tram lines at a total length of about 167 kilometers will be built in Nansha, Huangpu, Zengcheng, Conghua, Panyu, Baiyun, Huadu and Liwan districts. Six of them are key construction projects.

Haizhu Roundabout Line

The line is to be 40.2 kilometers in length, the longest tram line in Guangzhou. The total investment stands at 6.8 billion RMB. There are 38 stations on the line, connecting the culture, ecology, exhibition and tourist attractions along the Pearl River in Haizhu District.

Some of the important stops include the Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen's Mansion, Sun Yat-Sen University Wharf, Canton Tower, Canton Fair Complex, Huangpu Ancient Port, Xiaozhou Village, and Taigu Wharf.

Pazhou Internet Innovation Cluster Line

This line will be just three kilometers long, with a total investment of 510 million RMB.

Liwan Line

Liwan Tram Line will run south to north from Dongsha to Jiaokou, with a total length of 15.5 kilometers and the top speed of 70 kilometers per hour. The route will feature 27 stations.

The line will connect major areas in Liwan, including Guangzhou International Medicine Port, the White Swan Pond Central Business District, Xilang, Fangcun, Shiweitang and Jiaokou.

Linjiang Dadao - Yuzhu Line

This is the only tram line planned to date that will link two districts in Guangzhou.

Huangpu Line 1

The construction of Huangpu Tram Line 1, a 14.4-km tram track with 19 stops, already began in November 2017. This tram line is slated to enter service in 2020 and will run between Xiangxue and Yonghe. The entire journey should take 30 minutes.

The 19 stations are Xiangxue, International Talent City, Luogang Bus Terminal, Civil Square, No. 2 High School, Shuixi, Junfu Lu, Shuixi North, Experimental High School, Changping, Qiangdong, Changlingju Primary School, Lingtou, Sanatorium, Lingfu Cheliangduan, Xianjiang, Xianjiang Litchi Park, Huangqi Mountain, and Yonghe Xinfeng.

Huangpu district to also develop Huangpu Lines 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9.

Huangpu Tram Line 2 will run south to north from Xiangxue metro station to Nangang metro station. Stations are Xiangxue, Luogang economic zone, Luofeng Primary School, Xiangxue Avenue East, Luogang Xiangxue Park, Tangshan Village, Yonghe Avenue, Yuyun Road, Liu Village, Yupu Third Road, Yupu First Road, Yuangang, Lianda Road, Liancheng Park, Punan Road, Hongyuan Road, Hongguang Road, Dongqu intersection, Nangang.

Huangpu Tram Line 3 is oriented south to north between Gangqian Road and Xiangxue Avenue. Its total length is 10.92 kilometers. There are 14 stations on the line, which are Administration Center, Luogang, Kaida Road, Kaitai Avenue, Guangpu East Road, Huanan Village, Refinery, Fengle North Road, Shishan, Heshangshan, Hulin Road, Dashadi East, Huangpu East Road, Gangqian Road.

Huadu Lines

Two tram lines will be built in downtown Huadu. The lines will link to some key bus stations and terminals.

So, which tram line are you most looking forward to?

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