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Culture and History

Guangzhou is a historical and cultural city, with the reputation of "City of Ram", and "Ear of Grain City". "Five Rams" has become the symbol of Guangzhou. According to historical records, as early as in 214 BC, a city wall was built. With a history of 2210 years, Guangzhou has left a great number of cultural relics, vividly reflecting the development of Guangzhou in various stages of history.

Ancient Villages

Apart from picturesque natural scenic spots, tranquil ancient villages are places that tourists cannot afford to miss. Away from the glaring city light, tourists can enjoy a peace of mind and take in fresh air in those ancient villages of primitive beauty.

The cluster of ancient villages in Guangzhou are home to a host of countryside buildings of lingnan charaqcteristics. With time-honor history, simple architectural style, unsophisticated customs and ritual, pervasive local humanistic atmosphere, natural surroundings of mind-numbing beauty, the intermingling of nature and culture and geographical, historical and customary differences, villages of different districts of Guangzhou present manifold and diverse features.

Shamian Island
Shamian is not only a prime location for photographing, but also a main destination for business travel. Populated by a number of foreigners, Shamian is frequently visited by foreign tourists. As a tour guide says, Shamian is a must-go place for tourists.
Ancestral Hall

The ancestral hall is the site where the clansmen worship their ancestors or sages. It serves many purposes. In addition to "Offer Sacrifices to Ancestors", this site is used by the posterity to celebrate the weddings, funerals and birthdays. Besides, this site also serves a gathering place for discussing the important affairs.

The feudal society of ancient China embraces a deep sense of clan. Very often a family or several families with the same family name settle down in one village, and establish their own family temple to offer sacrifice to their ancestors. This family temple, commonly known as "ancestral hall", includes temples, central ancestral temples, branch ancestral temples and family ancestral temples.

Ancient Pagoda
As sacred buildings in ancient times, pagodas mainly have the following functions: First, as a landmark. Second, for storage purposes; in some Buddhist temples, pagodas are be used to store Buddhist scriptures and to keep Buddha’s relics. Third, for Fengshui enhancement; pagodas are built to wall off evil forces and to enhance Fengshui.
Historical and Heritage Sites
Guangzhou embraces an enduring history, and marks the starting point of the Marine Silk Road. It also achieves prestige in the modern history. Modern and contemporary Chinese Revolution left here a great number of historical sites.
Lingnan Culture
Lingnan culture is an integral part of splendid Chinese culture. Excavated objects from Lingnan ancient sites indicated that Lingnan culture is native culture. With agriculture and marine expedition at its core, Lingnan culture has constantly drawn strength from Central Plains culture and foreign culture. As a result, Lingnan culture presents such characteristics as pragmatism, openness, innovation and accommodation.

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