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Rental Bicycle

The Public Bicycle Renting Service in Guangzhou currently covers BRT lines, Metro lines and Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center (University Town).

The local residents of Guangzhou can rent bicycles with their Yang Cheng Tong cards after paying the deposit and complete relevant formalities. Tourists may access the same service after getting a "Membership Service Card" with their ID certificate. Rents are charged on hourly basis and deducted from the balance of the card when the bicycle is returned at any rental outlet. Teenagers with ages of 12-16 need to be accompanied by adults when riding rented bicycles.

The public bicycles for rent are painted orange, similar to the color of BRT buses. There is a square basket on the front of each bike for riders to carry personal effects weighing up to 5 kilograms.

Rental Outlets

106 outlets at Tianhe District and along Zhongshan Avenue in Huangpu District, including 48 ones along the BRT route.

Note: You can rent bicycles from any of the outlet stations, but the prior formalities shall be completed in any of registration outlets.

Renting Process


Start the service by presenting your valid ID certificates and paying a deposit of 300 RMB to one of the registration outlets.

Registration procedure for local residents

1. Go to one of the registration outlets with ID certificate and Yang Cheng Tong card.

2. Pay a deposit of 300 RMB and sign a bicycle rental agreement (the deposit will automatically be frozen in the Yang Cheng Tong card, and gives the card the function of renting bicycles).

3. Rent bicycle at one of the 18 rental outlets with Yang Cheng Tong Card. The bicycle rental will be deducted from Yang Cheng Tong card when the bicycle is returned.

Note: For your deposit to be refunded, please go through the formalities of deposit refund at one of the registration outlets.

Registration procedure for tourists

1. Go to one of the registration outlets with ID card.

2. Get a Membership Service Card after signing a bicycle rental agreement and paying a deposit of 300 RMB.

3. Rent bicycle at one of the 18 renting outlets using the Membership Service Card (Note: the deposit will be refunded when writing off the Membership Service Card)

Staff-service Start

Go to the staff service outlets with ID card (or other valid identification certificates) and active Yang Cheng Tong Card and pay a deposit of 300 RMB to activate the bicycle renting service. The deposit will be refunded when you write off the service. If you don't have Yang Cheng Tong card, please go to a registration outlet with your ID certificate to buy a temporary service card by paying 310 RMB (including a deposit of 300 RMB that will be refunded when you return the card, and a pre-charged rent of 10 RMB to pay for the bicycle rent.) 

Self-service Start

Go to a self-service terminal with a Yang Cheng Tong card to activate the bicycle renting service by following the terminal instructions. Make sure there is more than 300 RMB balance in your Yang Cheng Tong Card, because 300 RMB will be deducted from the balance as deposit. Such deposit will become your pre-payment in Yang Cheng Tong Card when you write off the bicycle renting service.

Note: Local residents holding a Yang Cheng Tong Card with bicycle renting service activated or a tourist holding a temporary bicycle renting card can rent and return bicycles at the nearby outlet.

Renting Steps 

The citizens may go to one of the 18 rental outlets, use their cards to unlock the bicycles and take the bicycles away in the following steps.

1. Put active Yang Cheng Tong card in the card-swiping area on the kickstand

2. Wait until the green light comes on and a tickling sound is heard.

3. the bicycle is then unlocked and comes the voice instruction "请速取车(please take the bicycle as soon as possible)"

4, take away the bicycle within 30 seconds of unlocking.

5. Retrieve Yang Cheng Tong card after picking up the bicycle.

Bicycle Returning

Bicycles can be returned at any of the 18 outlet stations, the rental will be deducted when the bicycles are returned.

1. Put bicycles in the locking area of the kickstand.

2. When the light turns green, swipe the card in the swiping area.

3. After the green light stops flashing and a tickling sound is heard, the bicycle is locked. The system will automatically stop use-time calculation, and due rent will be deducted from the balance of the card. (No money will be deducted within the rent-free hour).

4. Get back the card.

Service Writing Off and Deposit Refunding

Staff-Service Writing Off  

Go to one of the registration outlets with your ID certificate, the deposit receipt and the bicycle renting card to write off the service and have your deposit refunded.

Self-service Writing Off 

Write off the service at the service terminal according to voice prompt. After that, deposit will be charged to the balance of Yang Cheng Tong card.

Cards Loss Reporting

Loss-report service is only available for the cards which are activated by staff service. Please immediately dial 020-81681000 to report the card loss and go to one of the registration outlets during working hours to register the card loss by showing your ID certificate (or any other valid ID certificates). Within 24 hours after reporting the loss, the bicycle renting function of the card will be frozen. The loss caused before the freezing of the bicycle renting function should be borne by the owner of the card. After paying relevant fees, the owner of card may choose to apply for a new card or have the deposit refunded. The owner of a temporary service card will have the balance and the deposit refunded.

Bicycle Loss

If the rented bicycle is lost during the rent time, please call the police as soon as possible and dial 81861000 to report the loss. In this case, the 300 RMB deposit will not be refunded.

Bicycle Damage

If the bicycle has a problem rather than due to misuse, please take the bicycle to a rental outlet to get it repaired free of charge. If the bicycle is damaged,lost or stolen due to personal fault, the renters have to compensate for the loss according the compensation standards.

Service Hotline



Deposit: 300 RMB/per bicycle

Rent will be charged according to hours of using the bicycle, and will be deducted from the card when you return the bicycle. Please ensure that there is enough balance left in the card when you return the bicycle.

Rent Charging Standards

Less than one hour


1 hour to 2 hours (inclusive)


2 hours to 3 hours (inclusive)


More than 3 hours (inclusive)

3 RMB each hourthe part less than a hour will be regarded as an hour

12 hours to 24 hours

Maximum of 30 RMB

More than 24 hours

Charging based on accumulated hours

Service Hours
24 hours a day at Tianhe Gongyuan Beimen A; 7 a.m.- 10 p.m. at other 17 outlets

Note: these public bicycle service outlets are for renting services only and can only park public bicycles for rent. They don't serve as parking lots for other private bicycles.

Rental Outlets

Tiyu Xilu Station (Metro Line 1 & 3), Kengkou Station (Metro Line 1) Hanxi Changlong (Metro Line 3)Station.

There are other 30 stations under construction, including two stations in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center (Metro Line 4), Wushan Station (Metro Line 3) and Xi Cun Station (Metro Line 5).

Charging method

RFID card



300 RMB per bicycle; 200 RMB per bicycle for members


3 RMB each hour for temporary renters, a maximum of 20 RMB for 24 hours;
3 RMB each hour for member renters, a maximum of 15 RMB for 24 hours;
monthly rental 50 RMB, yearly rental 360 RMB

Picking up and Parking Bicycle


Rental Outlets

2 outlets at Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center Beiting station, 20 outlets are under planning, with 40 bicycles at each outlet.

Charging method

Yikatong (All-purpose card)



300 RMB each bicycle

Rent Charging Standards: 

Free of charge for less than one hour;
3 RMB per hour for one hour to four hours;
30 RMB per hour for more than 4 hours (including the first free hour) as punitive charge, up to 500 RMB

Picking up and Parking Bicycle

Bike Kickstand

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