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Free tickets! Concerts of Cantonese music in Guangzhou
Source: newsgd.com

The 8th Guangzhou Art Festival, also known as Theater 2018, kicked off on May 4th and will last until August 3rd, featuring opera, musicals, drama, Cantonese music, crosstalk & short sketch shows and other theatrical art forms at numerous theaters around Guangzhou.

During the festival, the Guangdong Music and Folk Art Troupe will hold two concerts of Cantonese music and one crosstalk & short sketch show. All tickets for these shows will be sold at preferential prices thanks to the government subsidies.

Sponsored by the Guangdong Music and Folk Art Troupe, Newsgd.com are giving out several free tickets for one of the concerts to our readers. How to win? Read this article to find out.

1. Concert of Traditional Cantonese Music (《粤韵悠扬》广东音乐曲艺欣赏晚会)

Time: 7:30 pm, Saturday, May 26, 2018


Tea-table seat: 50 RMB per seat (A discount of 100 RMB in government subsidies.)

Standard seat: 35 RMB per seat (A discount of 100 RMB in government subsidies.)

The Traditional Cantonese Music Concert has been specially arranged by the Guangdong Music and Folk Art Troupe for this year’s Guangzhou Art Festival. The concert is presented by a group of outstanding performers and accompanied by famous Cantonese musicians. Performances include group singing of Tang and Song poetries, Cantonese Opera duet medley, famous solos from Cantonese Opera, and more.

2. Authentic Cantonese Music Appreciation (《原汁原味》广东音乐赏析晚会)

Time: 3:00 pm, Sunday, May 27, 2018


Tea-table seat: 50 RMB per seat (A discount of 100 RMB in government subsidies.)

Standard seat: 35 RMB per seat (A discount of 100 RMB in government subsidies.)

The Authentic Cantonese Music Appreciation is being presided over by He Kening, a state-level inheritor of Cantonese music who will introduce the instruments used in Cantonese music during the concert and various compositions on them. The concert consists of classical Cantonese music, such as bamboo violin solo, duet, quartet, plucked instrument ensemble, and various award-winning Cantonese music performances

3. Crosstalk & Short Sketch Show (相声小品晚会)

Time: 8:00 pm, Saturday, June 2, 2018


VIP tea table with 6 seats: 720 RMB per table (A discount of 600 RMB in government subsidies.)

Standard seat: 100 RMB per seat (A discount of 100 RMB in government subsidies.)

The Crosstalk & Short Sketch Show is being staged by well-known crosstalk and short sketch artists from the Guangzhou Crosstalk Art Troupe. The troupe is subordinate to the Guangdong Music and Folk Art Troupe and is the only professional crosstalk team performing in Cantonese in Guangdong Province. In addition to Cantonese crosstalk and short sketch performances, the troupe also puts on performances such as singing, and magic.

Venue: Rainbow Theater (彩虹曲苑)

Add.: 2nd Floor, No. 120 Xihua Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou (广州市荔湾区西华路120号二楼)

Ticket hotline: 020-36167655

About Cantonese music

Cantonese music is a kind of instrumental folk music popular in the Lingnan region. Despite a short history of around one hundred years, it has been consistently well-received for its freshness, beauty, and boldness. It was listed in the first wave of national intangible cultural heritage items and is often used as background music for some of the most important cultural and political events in China.

Would you like a pair of free tickets to the concert?

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The result will be announced in the Comments Section on May 21.

Three lucky individuals will get a pair of tickets each for the “Authentic Cantonese Music Appreciation” on May 27.

Please come to our office (No. 289 Guangzhou Dadao Zhong, Guangzhou 广州市广州大道中289号) to pick up your tickets before May 25. Or we can ship them to you.

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