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Guides for 2018 Guangzhou Qiqiao Cultural Festival
Source: newsgd.com

14 international volunteers walked into the Tianhe Zhu Village, not only experienced the culture of the ancient village, but also worked with Qiaojie to make handicrafts.

Guangzhou now is putting on a wide range of cultural events from Aug 13 to 18 to mark the Qixi Festival, Chinese Valentine's Day which falls on the seventh day of the seventh month in lunar calendar.

In southern China, Qixi Festival is often celebrated as Qiqiao Festival, which literally means an event for girls to pray for handicraft skills. On the special day, young girls dress in new clothes and pray for handicraft skills in a tradition that dates back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 BC).

Zhucun village in Tianhe district has a long tradition of celebrating Qiqiao Festival with the Zhucun Qiqiao Festival added on the list of National Intangible Cultural Heritages in 2011. Highlights for the 2018 Qiqiao Festival include the opening ceremony and cultural performances to be staged at Qixi Square of Zhucun village on Aug 13, a handicraft skills competition to be held at Zhengjia Square on Aug 14-18, a traditional coming of age ceremony at Canton Tower on Aug 17 and a blind date activity for young Guangzhou locals on the red boats at Haixinsha Wharf on Aug 18.

1. Traditional Folk Activities

a.Bai Qiniang (摆七娘)

When it falls on Qixi Festival, girls will set a “Baxian” table with joss sticks and cradles at the hall or in front of their houses. The sticks and cradles will be lit up and handicrafts made by themselves will be displayed on the table with flowers, fruits and powder blush beside.

Time: from August 14 to 18

Venue: Mingde Hall, Yuandechen Temple, Beidi Temple, Qishe, Qiqiao Yuan, Yiliangpan Temple

b.Worship Qiniang(拜七娘)

Maidens will make wishes for Qiniang’s help to find their Mr. rights.

Time: from August 14 to 17, 10:00 and 15:00

Venue: Mingde Hal, Zhu Village, Tianhe District.

c.Send Qiniang(送七娘)

After Double-Seventh Day, a gratitude ceremony to Qiniang will be held, where people send Qiniang back to “fairyland” and pray for health, happiness and prosperity.

Time: August 18

Venue: All Qiniang memorial site in Zhu Village, Tianhe District

d.Eat Qiniang Meal (七娘饭)

Qiniang Meal is a must-try activity if you want to experience the traditions of Qixi. Tasty dishes in exquisite and simple styles are crowned with good luck.

Time: August 17

Venue: Zhu Village, Tianhe District

e.Touring Party for Qixi

Various activities, such as dressing elegant classic Chinese Han Cloths, interesting traditional folk games and DIY for Qiqiao handicrafts, are waiting for tourist.

Time: August 14-18

Venue: Qiqiao Yuan, Zhu Village, Tianhe District

f.Guangzhou Qiqiao Culture Museum

During Qiqiao Festival, Guangzhou Qiqiao Culture Museum and Zhu Vilage Primary School for Qixiao Culture Study are open to the public for free.

Time: August 14-18

Venue: Zhu Village, Tianhe District.

2. Handcraft skill contest

Masters will have a contest on their skills at making Qiqiao handicrafts. People can experience the broad and profound art of Qiqiao handcrafts and the crafter’s spirits.

Time: August 13-18

Venue: Guangzheng Street, Grandview Plaza.

3. Chinese traditional adult ceremony for maiden

Qixi Festival is also called “Daughter’s Festival”. During that day, adult ceremony for maiden and Chinese tradition wedding ceremony for three new brides and grooms will be held at Canton Tower.

Time: August 17, 18:30-20:00

Venue: Canton Tower

4. Qiqiao Fair

If you want to experience Lingnan’s traditional market culture, Qiqiao Fair is a place you can not miss, for it provides Qiqiao foods and folk handicrafts for people. Besides shopping, people can also enjoy performances of different themes every day from August 13-17.

Time: August 13-17

Venue: Canton Tower

5. Photo Exhibition for Qiqiao Culture

Photos, collected from a photo collective activity, themed “My parents’ stories at Tianhe”, are display at the photo exhibition.

Time: August 13-18

Venue: Guangdong Performing Arts Theater, Canton Tower, Grandview Plaza and Huangchuan Primary School.

6. Cruise Youth Sodality for Qixi Night

On the night of Qixi Festival, a cruise at the Pearl River, named “Red Boat” meaning good luck in finding love, will be prepare to hold a sodality for youth to socialize.

Time: August 17, 14:00-19:30

Venue: APM Hongchuan Dock, Pearl River Hongchuan Dock

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