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Lovely tea gardens for a spring outing
Source: SilkRoadPost

Guangdong is a major producer and consumer of tea in China. The province sells close to 250,000 tons of tea leaves annually, accounting for about one-tenth of the national volume. A number of tea gardens are scattered throughout the province to meet the great demand for the leaves.

When a cup of tea is served, one can imagine the beautiful, green terraced fields in tea gardens amid early-morning mist. To get the premium quality, the best harvest time of tea leaves is typically in April.

If you are a tea lover, why not take a tea garden tour in Guangdong this season to learn the production life of tea leaves from the field to the cup. Apart from enjoying walks through vast rolling hills covered with seas of green, visitors can participate in tea leaf harvests and the tea-making process during their journey. At the end, they can enjoy the tea they made and learn the art of tea appreciation, of appearance, aroma, and taste.

We has collected some of the tea gardens in the province for your excursion. 


1. Liuxi River Forest Park Tea Plantation 流溪河森林公园茶场

The tea garden covers an area of more than 200 mu and is located on a subtropical mountain with an altitude of nearly 1000 meters. The sufficient sunshine and abundant rainfall contribute to the strong fragrance of tea leaves.

Address: Tangtian village, Lvtian town, Conghua district, Guangzhou (广州市从化区吕田镇塘田村)
Telephone: 020-87843272

2. Foshan Duichuan Tea Garden 佛山对川茶景园

The tea garden covers an area of more than 300 mu. And there are more than 100 rare tree species and more than 1000 old tea trees in the garden.

Address: Sihuan Lu, Yanghe town, Gaoming district, Foshan city (佛山市高明区杨和镇四环路)
Telephone: 0757-88802009

3. Qingyuan Yingde Jiqingli Black Tea Garden 清远英德积庆里红茶谷

Covering an area of more than 15,000 mu, the tea garden mainly produces Yinghong No. 9 Black Tea, one of the top three black teas in China, along with "Keemun" and "Dianhong". The tea soup tastes smooth and sweet, particularly suitable to be drunk with milk and sugar. In 2014, the tea garden was selected as one of the top ten beautiful tea gardens in China.

Address: Reshui Lake, Hengshitang town, Yingde, Qingyuan city (清远市英德横石塘镇热水湖)
Telephone: 0763-2639057

4. Meizhou Xiyan Tea Town 梅州西岩茶场

Xiyan Mountain is a famous tourist spot in eastern Guangdong province known for its big rocks with various shapes. The oolong tea produced from Xiyan Mountain is famous for the lasting fragrance of sweet fruits and flowers.

Address: Xiyan Mountain, Fenglang town, Dabu county, Meizhou city (梅州市大埔县枫朗镇西岩山)
Telephone: 0753-5535922

5. Yunfu Xiangwo Tea Garden 云浮象窝茶庄

Xiangwo tea is a branded product including red tea and green tea. It is one of the top ten famous teas in Guangdong. Visitors can enjoy an ecological park built on Xiangwo Mountain for tea planting, leisure, and sightseeing.

Address: Taiping town, Xinxing county, Yunfu city (云浮市新兴县太平镇)
Telephone: 400-0330-781

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