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Traffic control and light festival on Baiyun Mountain
Source: Lifeofguangzhou.com
Baiyun Mountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Guangzhou for both locals and visitors. Here are two updates about the mountain.


Traffic control in September

Traffic control is being conducted on Baiyun Mountain to ensure the safety of the public during an ongoing greening project. From September 10 to September 30, vehicles — other than engineering cars and emergency vehicles — are restricted from entering the Baiyun Mountain scenic area.

Keziling Gate (柯子岭门岗), one of the entrances to the mountain, is closed from September 13 to September 30. Visitors can enter through other gates to ascend the mountain. Baiyun Mountain is not one but a range of mountains, with over 30 peaks. The range has 15 entrances that allow access to specific parts of the mountain.

Light festival for the National Day

A total of 25 units of lights are set up in Yuntai Garden on Baiyun Mountain to celebrate China's National Day. The iconic dragon light unit is 20 meters in length and over 10 meters in height, with the theme of Harmonious China. Another light unit is themed, Step Into the Future, with lights shaped like spaceships and astronauts, creating a spectacle of exploring the universe.

The garden is also decorated with over 100,000 pots of flowers, including spider flower, sunflower, sage, chrysanthemum and zinnia.

Date: Through October 21

Ticket price: 25 yuan/person

Discount price: 20 yuan/person from October 1 to 7

Opening hours: 8 a.m. — 9 p.m.

How to get there:

1. Yuntai Garden station 云台花园总站: Bus Nos. 24, 63, 285, B16, 245

2. Baiyun Cableway station 白云索道站: Bus Nos. 2, 46, 60, 175, 179, 199, 223, 41, 257, 285, 540, 841.

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