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Business City in South China Unveiled at Davos
Update: 2018-09-21     Source: english.gz.gov.cn

A large-scale history-related scroll titled Business City in South China, which was known as “Guangzhou's Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival", unveiled at 2018 Summer Davos "Guangzhou Night" held in Tianjin on September 19.

The scroll Business City in South China was completed by nineteen famous painters from Guangzhou within nine months and modified for more than ten times. The scroll was originally 20.15 meters long, involving more than 2,300 characters, more than 600 ships, and more than 30 historical sites and cultural landscapes.

This year's "Guangzhou Night" was organized by Cedar Holdings Group, which utilized advanced electronic technology to re-interpret the long scroll. The scroll was highly precisely presented on a 20-meter-long and 3.5-meter-wide electronic display screen, which vividly revealed the deep history of the millennial business city, Guangzhou, and was deeply appreciated and loved by the guests.

Zhang Hong, a member of the creative team of the original Business City in South China, believed that smart and creative use of electronic technology enabled this scroll to appear with renewed vigor at the Davos "Guangzhou Night", where business and political leaders gathered together.

The scroll was divided into five parts from right to left: the first part was mainly about the sea scene of the ancient Huangbu harbor, which reflected the going- global pioneering spirit of Lingnan people; the second part took audience back to the Nan Yue Royal Palace more than 2,000 years ago, revealing the long history of “Silk Road on the Sea” of Guangzhou; the third part talked about the folk customs of the old Guangzhou and the fourth part exhibited co-existence of multiple religious cultures by describing various temples in Guangzhou. The last part utilized 13 lines, Litchi Bay and the old urban scenery and customs to present the business legend of modern Guangzhou.

Sun Ge, a member of the creative team, believed that different from general long scrolls which expressed a certain scene or a single historical story only from one perspective, Business City in South China displayed Guangzhou’s 2200 history from a two-dimensional perspective of time and space in a more comprehensive and complete manner to outline the deep and profound historical context of this millennial business city and its unique cultural characteristic.

This time, the scroll displayed in Tianjin Summer Davos "Guangzhou Night" was not original, but restored using electronic technology in a high-precision manner and supplemented by appropriate animation effects.

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